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"Promising self aware artist from Athens Greece distinguishing himself

as highly dedicated artist and through remarkable personal skills such as  exceptional empathy, modesty and kindness."


"The aim of Nikos Lamprinos’ art is to encourage the viewer to ask profound questions about relationships and the meaning of life. Lamprinos creates paintings from memory, inviting a myriad of interpretations."

"Despite his work being pure abstraction visually, Nikos Lamprinos describes his paintings as being off and about humans, albeit with the figure removed from the canvas.

Ideas of transformation are key in his process, as he seeks to convey ideas of life,

relationships and human purpose, using daily sketchbooks and photographs of cities he visits as inspiration. Travel is also an important aspect of Lamprinos' work as he conveys feelings of nostalgia felt both while away and on return.

working in all sort of mediums, fragmented geometric shapes fill the entire space of the surface, often using a colourful spectrum of shades, although muted tones are also used to convey a more melancholy narrative.

Lamprinos is based in Athens, Greece where he creates his work in his studio in the heart of the city. He has been exhibiting work regularly, with shows across Europe."




·                    socially engaged

·                    open minded

·                    self driven

·                    enterpreneural

·                    cultural sensitive & aware

.                     passionate





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