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Taking a look at Nikos Lamprinos' piece of art the artists best hopes are the beholder asking himself all sort of questions. Questions about life, relationships, purpose, higher self and meaning of life. Using his memory Nikos creates a piece of art that calls all kind of interpretations depending on the viewer's perception.

Nikos' work is abstract and fundamentally geometrical. He uses masking tape which he cuts with a knife in short stripes and then applies them directly on the canvas creating shapes. Manually cutting the tapes one by one Nikos achieves each of them to be different from each other as well as imperfect. He then applies colour - mostly oils and some acrylics. Once the pigments dries, the tapes are being removed and a new piece of art is born. The tape cutting process is Nikos Lamprinos brand recognition making every single piece of art unique and non-replicable.

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